Dell Dimension 8400 HyperThreading (Dual Core) Off by Default and how to Fix it

I have had a Dell Dimension 8400 for a few years now. For the last couple years I have had it hooked up to my big screen TV to watch Netflix, Youtube and XMBC. It was ok, sometimes when I watch the audio would be way ahead of the video, and this has become majorly annoying to me over time. Not all videos, but often enough to make me just turn the damn thing off.

So I was thumbing through the owners manual and saw that there is something called Hyperthreading, that basically emulates a dual core processor, and it may or may not be enabled. I checked my processor in the device manager, and Hyperthreading was not enabled. If it were there would be two processors there.

So quick search on Google found that Hyperthreading is enabled in the BIOS, and that it is always off by default for some strange reason that only Dell knows.

So I go into BIOS, by hitting F2 while the PC is booting up. Arrowed down to Performance, and enabled Hyperthreading. Reboot. Windows found a new device, and needed to reboot again. Finally opened the task manager and now I have 2 processors and my video is smooth and in sync.

Wish I knew this 5 years ago. Thanks for that Dell.


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