Sleep and Creativity

So I don’t fall asleep easily. I will often toss and turn for hours. Sometimes I lay in bed until 4 or 5 in the morning. When I was in my twenties I solved this by working third shift for about ten year. It was an easy solution. It also allowed me to get my masters degree while holding down a full time job.

But I found after ten years of this it was getting lonely. I was the only person in my social circles who had this schedule and it really got in the way of being a part of any meaningful social activity. So in my last semester of grad school I quit my job while doing two internships that had normal hours, and I loved my new schedule. after ten years instead of getting easier to stay up all night It had been getting harder and harder. So I joined the rest of society and became  normal; somewhat normal anyway.

My sleep was regular and easy. For about 7 years or so evrything was fine with my sleeping. Then I started to get a second wind, right arounf 11pm. It went downhill from there and no i usually stay up to 1 or 3 am, even taking sleep aids.

So I decided I am going to stop fighting it, stop the sleep aids, stop tossing and turning in bed and actually use the time to do stuff and see if I can accomplish something useful and maybe tire myself out naturally. We’ll see.


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