Trying for a Spell

Well I had a good run, 3 or 4 years of hosting my own WordPress blog from my home ubuntu web server. But now I am going to go the safe and easy route, at least for a while. I had a few security lapses, which weren’t too bad, just embarrassing. Not that too many people are gonna miss my blog, but I did get a few hits a day with a few notable exceptions when I made up on the front page of Delicious once (scroll to bottom to see, it’s the “Ajax Office Review). And once an even more exciting thing for me was when I made it to the front page of Linux Today. So these posts won’t be available until I drag my ass downstairs and get the blog archive imported here. Or until I get the home  server up and running again. Not sure What I will do .

So I had a bumpy ride running my own home server. There were minor security lapses and quickly fixed. The main problem was that Google used to index my blog, but for whatever reason, over the last year or so Google decided not to index my blog. That put a damper on things. The final blow was that DynDNS, the service that actually gave me a web address,  screwed me out of the address I had been using all along. They stopped sending me reminders to log into my DynDNs account, and once I missed a month of activity on their site, they d eactivatedmy account. When I went to reactivate my account my old web address was no longer available. Very sneaky and underhanded on DYN DNS’ part.  At this point I was just pissed so I unplugged my server.

Now I have Tonido running on another server, so I can access files and stream music, so I have very little reason to run my own web server any more.

So now I’m going to try this.


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