TIL That Tool’s song Lateralus is a Fibonacci sequence

TIL That Tool's song Lateralus is a Fibonacci sequence submitted by thegauntlet to todayilearned
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Keep Sponges from Getting Grimy with One Cut [MacGyver Tip]

When you put a wet sponge on the surface of your sink, the bottom side doesn’t always dry quickly, and it can get pretty nasty after awhile. This simple trick lets your sponge drip-dry and stay clean. More »

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Platlas: The world’s first social-platform atlas

New graphical tool shows everything you can do on Facebook, and soon other social networks as well. Read this blog post by Laura Locke on Digital Media.

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Clarksville Cave Landslide From Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Lee

We went to the Clarksville Caves today, and the Gregory Entrance, the back one, had a landslide happen right outside the entrance! Not to mention that the whole cavern was flooded from the Gregory entrance back to the sump! We talked to a group of cavers who went to the Sump from the Ward Entrance, and had to turn around there. They went on to the Lake Room, (Star Chamber) and then did the Thook. Those parts of the cave were fine. But the rock slide was amazing. A whole side of the hill with a huge tree slid down, and some huge chunks of the cliff above the entrance fell in front of it, with huge piles of gravel falling into the entrance itself. It’s about half as big as it used to be. Amazing stuff.